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Zoya Remove Plus

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Zoya is the Healthy Color or Fashion! Big 10 Free Ultra Long-wearing, toxin free nail polish and treatments formulated without Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Camphor, TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide and Lead.

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76 Reviews
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-Minneapolis, MN
Consumer Review

-Best Remover I`ve Ever Used

I love this stuff. It may seem like an excessive amount but it works like no other. It`s non-drying and not all harsh on the skin and nail. Light, pleasant fragrance helps. I keep a stock of this at all times and even buy the 2oz bottle for traveling.
Consumer Review

-I can actually wear polish again - amazing product

I hadn`t been able to wear nail polish for over 8 years due to a reaction to every remover I had tried. It didn`t matter how gentle it said it was or how many vitamins it had in it, the removers caused my nails to split and peel. They would become so unhealthy they would start breaking with little effort. I finally gave up on polishing my nails. I happened to find Zoya and decided to give it a try - it seemed different than the rest.
I have been using Zoya products for almost 2 mos. I change my polish every 5 to 15 days, and my nails aren`t splitting, peeling, or showing signs of distress. By now with any other remover I would be in nail "recovery" mode. Thank you Zoya for such an amazing product and letting me have beautiful and fun nails again.
Consumer Review

-Great remover!

The smell is light and inoffensive, it doesn`t strip your nail beds when removing polish, and the polish comes off easily. Only have to use a couple of pumps on a cotton round and it perfectly cleans all 10 nails! I love this polish remover.
Samantha Oasis
Salon Review

-works wonders

Having remover displayed on my table conversation opener. Just chatting about it benefits etc. Small bottles easy retail item. Treats Corrects Protects
Consumer Review

-Great for me!

Other nail polish removers are too harsh on my skin and will make the skin peel away, even with minimal use and washing it off immediately.
Zoya`s doesn`t eat at my skin and does a great job at removing the polish. Never going back!
SueBee in NM
Consumer Review

-Best remover ever

I love love love this polish remover. This is the very best remover I've ever used. The pump bottle, the Flipper, is genius. And the smell is great. I will always purchase this remover and polish.
Galvanic Fantasy
Consumer Review

-Best Remover I`ve Ever Used!

This stuff is like magic! If you haven`t tried it - just buy it. It doesn`t dry out your nails and skin and if it isn`t a dense, super dark color, I can remove both hands with one cotton ball. Absolutely love and recommend it!
Consumer Review

-Best ever!

This remover is perfect! It works well without drying out my nails. And the pump bottle is brilliant.
-Clinton, MS
Salon Review

-Nail Salon Owner

I`ve introduce ZOYA products in my salon, my clients love these items.
-Tampa Florida
Consumer Review

-renew drops

my question - Why is this product listed if it is NOT AVAILABLE???? I HAVE TARIED TO ORDER THIS PRODUCT THREE TIMES, BUT NOTHING HAPPENS - I.E PRODUCT IS NOT ADDED TO MY SHOPPING BAG - LOVE this product, but am irritated that it seems to not be available, or the link so shopping bag is not working - very frustrating!
Kelly J
Consumer Review

-The Best!

This has got to be the best nail polish remover I have ever used! It takes everything off and I don`t have to use a ton of remover to get all of the polish off. I really like that it doesn`t have an over powering scent and it`s not full of chemicals! Bravo!
Consumer Review

-The very best!!

Zoya`s Remove is absolutly the very best nail polish remover of all,, does`nt hurt nail and in fact~~Makes them stronger ~~The Very Best ~~Thank you Zoya!!
Consumer Review

-Remove plus in the Big Flipper

I LOVE this polish remover. But you need to have another sale!!! I`m out and it`s killing me!!! Thankfully I had a 2 oz bottle as backup, but now it`s almost gone!! Come on Zoya, throw us a bone!!
Consumer Review

-OK: still contains acetone though

Hi: I adore Zoya polishes and this remover works pretty well and leaves a base-like coating on the nails. However, it still contains acetone like so many other nail polish removers. Zoya: create an alternative version that is as chemical-free as possible. I have used oil-based removers that are acetone free etc.: I am sure there is a way! It just doesn`t fit with your "healthy" brand.
Katie Brunson
-Birmingham, Alabama
Consumer Review


I wish I could give more than 5 stars, this remover is the best one i`ve ever used! I love how it doesn`t dry out my nails!! Will be purchasing again when I`m empty!!!! Thanks Zoya!!!! :)
-Napa, CA
Consumer Review

-Love Love Love This Product

I recently placed an order with Zoya and this little treat came with it. By far the most amazing nail polish remover I have ever used!!! I can`t believe that it took everything off my nails with ease. Most nail polish removers have a foul smell to it but this one has a faint sweet yummy smell to it. Love Love Love this!!!! Will be ordering more of this soon!!! Thanks Zoya for making. :)
Consumer Review

-Best Ever

This is by far the best remover ever! To me it smells very strong and has an anise scent. It is still better smelling than reg. polish remover and it Will remove any nail polish; chunky glitter, textured, or multiple layers. The best part is that it seems to condition cuticles so easier to manicure after removal of polish. It never dries out your nails!
So glad they sent me a sample of this last year. Now my nails stay strong and chip free for a month, whereas before I could only paint my nails twice and they would be dry and ruined from regular remover. The pump bottle is genius!
Consumer Review

Great product, deficient packaging

This polish remover is superlative - it`s gentle, takes off the most difficult to remove sparkly polishes, it smells great, etc. Unfortunately the pump on this bottle is a failure of industrial design. I think I`ve lost about half of the product due to the pump`s strange tendency to siphon up product EVEN AFTER I`VE SNAPPED IT CLOSED. So I`ve opened up the bathroom cabinet to find the shelf swimming in nail polish remover and the level in the bottle significantly lower. Nothing I`ve tried has fixed the issue with the pump, so I finally gave up and poured it all into an old bottle of supermarket polish remover. It`s a bummer, since the wide base on this bottle is so unlikely to tip over.
Consumer Review


This is THE best polish remover out there!! The stuff in the grocery store is AWWWFFFUUULLL!!! It stinks and does NOT work. Any other kind I have used doesn`t come even CLOSE to this! It`s gentle on my hands, it doesn`t have that awful horrible stink to it, but best of all, it WORKS!! It works with LESS product than any other brand, and works FASTER than any other! I am in LOVE with it and I bought 2- 32 ounce bottles of it to make sure I won`t run out!! I like to change out my nail color often and I won`t use any other brand than this from now on.
-Philadelphia, PA
Consumer Review

Go ahead and take a sniff

I love this remover. The instructions are a bit different in the sense that you press and hold for a second before you begin rubbing, however there is no horrible smelly odor that gives you a headache. There is some light odor, but it`s more hippie fragrant than it is chemically smelling. I will never use the old stuff again. Works great too! I`m very impressed with the free sample I received. I will be purchasing from now on.
Consumer Review


I love this nail polish remover it removes nail polish in almost one swipe on the nails
Salon Review

Remover +-yummy

First,I`m a huge fan of ALL things Zoya,and I love the scent Remover + leaves. I love that it doesn`t smell like most polish removers and it has to be gentle to my acrylic nails,which Remover + definitely is!
Stephanie R
-Maumee OH
Consumer Review


I will never use any other polish remover. This removes polish quickly and easily and smells nice too! Previously only acetone remover worked well enough to remove glitter polish for me, but now all I use is Remove+. I love it!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperAmazing Polish Remover

I love my Zoya Remove . It`s like no other remover I`ve ever used. It does not dry out nail or skin. It`s removes polish, even glitter polish within seconds. I would recommend for everyone to use this polish remover!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 32ozBest Nail Polish Remover Ever!

This is the best nail polish remover I have ever used. I had about 5 layers of base, polish, topcoat and more polish on my nails. I could not believe how quickly this polish worked. Pleasantly surprised by the not too bad odor either.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 32ozBest ever

Even if this is "expensive" it is a total worth the price! Since I have used this I haven`t looked back. I don`t know what people are talking about with the smell. To me it smells 100 times better than regular remover. Then again I am not really breathing in the stuff while I use it. It doesn`t dry out my nails either! I highly recommend Zoya`s remover!
Location-Bend, OR
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperZoya Remove Plus Polish Remover is the Best

I will never buy another polish remover. This is the best remover I have ever used. The smell is not over wellming like some people have said. I kinda like the smell. It`s great at removing glitter polish too!
Marissa J
Location-Sacramento, CA
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 2ozLove Love Love!

I had been using regular polish from the store then acetone which my mom used because it removed multiple layers with ease. However, the acetone started to strip my nails. I received a small sample from Zoya with my order of nail polishes and I absolutely love this remover. It doesn`t smell bad, actually slightly pleasant and doesn`t feel like it`s stripping my nails of any oils. I t also works fantastically with the pixie dust collection.
Location-New York, New York
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperNot so impressed

First it came in 75% gone due to poor packaging. the whole box smelled like nail polish remover. this nail polish remover is okay, it doesnt smell bad, nor good either. i thought it was suppose to smell good. The pump is great.
Location-Nor Cal
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperNot worth the hype

Youtube made this polish remover sound like the best thing on earth. I have to use twice as much polish remover and cotton balls compared to 100% acetone. I`m sticking to 100% acetone since it`s cheaper and I don`t have to use as much product.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperMy daughter and I love this!!

My daughter (10 yrs old) and I do our nails weekly together as a way to keep her motivated to not bite them. This is the only polish remover I feel safe using on her hands and it also happens to be the only remover that actually removes chunky glitter!
Aside from the awesomeness that Zoya polishes last a whole week on our nails, this remover cleans and preps SO very nicely.
HUGE thank you to Zoya for making something I feel safe using!! (AND IT WORKS!!)
Location-North Carolina
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperWorth the Price

This is the absolute best remover I have found! It`s nearly as strong as pure acetone but it doesn`t stink like the acetone does. For example, my husband can`t tell when I take my polish off now where as before, the entire house would smell like a nail salon. Also, the pump top is a pretty neat feature. I use two pumps on cotton ball on each hand so it stretches a long way and it`s a lot neater than than the typical bottle style. I love it and highly recommend it.
Location-Cranesville PA
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperLOVE IT!

I must say Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover is wonderful. It takes my polish right off,smells great,and leaves my nails looking and feeling great. I would recommend this to anyone.
Location-Clinton Township, MI
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperBEST NAIL POLISH REMOVER EVER!!!!

This remover is awesome!!!! It removes all polish and glitter polish with no problem at all. Added bonus that it is not harsh on your nails and it smells good too! I will defenetiely buy again.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperMy nails stopped splitting

In my teens, I always had healthy long nails that never split and peeled. After having 2 kids and constantly having loads of cleaning to do, I sadly negleted my nails for long periods of time. After I finally got around to having time again to paint them, I purchased a 16oz bottle of 100 percent acetone nail polish remover and have been using that for about a year now. Within the past year, my nails have been splitting and peeling and I`m constantly having to keep them really short because even if they grow 1mm they start to crack and peel. I tried all kinds of nail remedy polishes ranging from $5 to $25. Nothing was working, I just happened to put in an order with Zoya for the new Ornate collection and got a free sample of their nail polish remover. I`ve been using their remover for 3 days now and I can`t even begin to tell you how my nails have changed. Everytime I remove my polish, my nails feel so moisturized and soft. Even after painting my nails red, there was not a single stain left behind, there was no white residue, I didn`t have to use 5 cotton balls, I only used 2 and it took everything off. I`ve never had an issue with my nails growing fast, but I noticed since the last time I cut them they`ve grown a little bit and since using Zoya remover for the past 3 days in a row, I don`t see any splitting or peeling which is a miracle because last time I used my other polish remover, even after the tiniest growth, my nails would start peeling again. So yes, I can definitely say for sure this is working for me. I was going to purchase a heavily priced nail care system for myself in December but I`m soooooo happy Zoya sent this free sample because without it, I`d have never figured it was my nail polish remover that was damaging my nails. I look forward to seeing my nails healtier again, this remover gave me the push in the right direction. Thank you Zoya for the free sample :-)
Kelsey E
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperWorks so well, my nails feel healthier

This removes the polish so well and cleanly, while also making my nails feel so healthy afterword. Its the best remover ive ever had!
Location-Chino Hills, Ca
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperI am in love

My daughter introduced me to Zoya Remove Plus and I am completely in love with this product. I have never gotten my nails completely clean with only one cottonball. I actually cleaned my hands and feet with two cottonballs and I normally wear deep red polish on my feet. Not only does Remove Plus clean the nails but, your hands and feet feel pampered and not mistreated. I would recommend this product to everyone. I don`t know why every nail shop doesn`t use it. Thanks for making a pproduct that is actually worth the price you pay for it.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperRemove

Works miracles on sparkle nail polish!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperZoya Nail polish remover

Zoya has lived up to my expectations, easily and quickly removes nail polish, which for pedicures is especially helpful. I am off to buy more.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperThe BEST!!

I am 48 yrs. old & have never used a nail polish remover like this...I LOVE it!! The bottle design is unique & I really like the ease of using it...but the polish remover is the definitely the ME, it smells like Baby Powder (very light) & does not have that awful chemical smell that other polish removers have. Plus, it works!! It really takes off every bit of polish with minimal application!!
Location-san francisco
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 32ozvast difference

I had been using acetone to remove nail polish and had stripped my nails so bad that they had split at the first sign of growth. I started using Zoya`s remover plus and there is a vast difference in my nail bed and now when I do an cuticle oil treatment - it actually penetrates. My nails are on their way back to being healthy. Great product - even takes off glitter!!
Laylah Lauree
Location-Where pretty girls be, CA
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverTruly The Best!

If you read ANY review that say ANYTHING negative about this remover don`t buy into it. This is absolutely the BEST remover I have ever used. The quality is perfection, the smell is nice, and it makes removing your nail polish a breeze. The cost is perfect for such a world class remover. If you have not tried this product please do you will be so glad you did!!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperOoooohhhh

I have always used just generic polish remover and didn`t know what I was missing. This takes the polish off fast and easily no rubbing and struggling, no leftover base coat that won`t come off. I had always removed the polish away from my hubby as he hates the smell of removers but I can use this in the same room as him, we both love the smell. You use a lot less of this than cheapie brands as it works well. I love this and will continue to buy it. Excellent!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverSmells great but works like normal remover

Pros: Smells better than regular nail polish remover and it`s comes in a awesome bottle
Cons: Pricey and it works like a normal remover. I didn`t find it to be any faster than regular acetone-containing remover.
I`m not sure why there`s so much hype for this. I still recommend buying one bottle just because it`s cute, handy, and refillable. Would I buy another bottle of this? Heck no.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverWould be perfect if it weren`t for the smell.

I gave this three stars because it`s wonderful for the cuticles and really does take off all polish cleanly. HOWEVER, if you have a sensitivity or allergy to lavender or similar products, don`t even consider this remover. I only wish Zoya had mentioned that it was scented with lavender in the description, otherwise I could have saved $25 on something I`m allergic to (which can`t be returned because it was purchased with a promo code). I really wish I could use this, because it is a genuinely good product.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Removerno question..

This is the best nail polish remover ever. Totally worth the cost. I did a 30 day nail challenge which required me to do my nails every day for a month.. I was worried that my cuticles would dry out completely but using Remove , they did not. A lot of people mention the smell, but to me it`s not bad at all. I know that`s just personal preference.. Anyway, worth every penny!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperThe Plus in Remove

I had gotten a 2oz bottle with an order, so I tried it. I used my regular nail polish remover on one hand and Remove on the other. The Zoya hand (fyi, used non Zoya polish, as I was also testing Anchor and Armor and how it would work with polishes I already owned)didn`t chip at all the "non Zoya" hand chipped a little. It definately makes a difference. Love It!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperGreat Polish Remover

This is a really good polish remover - and my absolute favorite part is the pump feature. This makes it so easy to get the right amount of remover on your cotton swab, and you don`t run the risk of spilling. The remover itself is better smelling than normal removers because it`s lavender. It works really well too!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverBest remover I`ve ever used

I was skeptical about all the raving that went on in these reviews, but thought that if they were true this may be the remover for me. I bought the Big Flipper during one of Zoyas promotions, which got me 2 free polishes with the purchase of anything other than color spoons. I figured this was the time to try out the Remove Plus. The raving reviews are absolutely correct. This remover takes polish off my nails in a few swipes that I used to have to use the acetone foil method on, and it doesn`t give me ghost fingers in the process. I change my polish often, and after using this, I won`t use anything else unless pure acetone is required (removal of glued on rhinestones etc.) I just ordered the 32 oz. refill, and can`t wait to get it as my flipper is almost empty, and I can`t change my manicure of I don`t have the right remover. This stuff is definitely worth the price but I wouldn`t complain if they wanted to lower it.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverAwesome nail remover!

I love this stuff! Works really fast, and it doesn`t take a lot of hard rubbing to get the nail polish off. Didn`t leave my cuticles totally damaged like other removers, and I have really sensitive skin too. The smell is not bad; it`s a definite improvement over cheaper nail polish removers... it`s a very mild herb scent even though it`s nail polish remover.
Seems like the 2oz will last awhile if you don`t use a lot (and you probably won`t need too much), but I`ll go for the 8oz when I start running low.
Love my wife
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 2ozBest ever

My wife raves about how great this nail polish remover is. Thought I`d mention how happy she is.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big Flipper OK but..

I like Remove but it`s really expensive for what it is (acetone, glycerine) and also the smell is too strong for me. I know some prefer this over acetone smell but to kill the acetone, there is a pretty strong fragrance that also stays on my hands so if you`re sensitive be aware. I LOVE the bottle design and wish it were cheaper so I could purchase regularly.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 32ozRemove the best stuff

The large bottle gives about 4 flipper bottle refills, LOVE this stuff. Gentle to your nails, non-drying, tougher than removes with acetone, and lasts A LONG time if you get the flipper bottle because it control how much you get during use. Totally worth it.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverClean Nails Super Fast!

Wow! Received my Zoya Color Lock system w the remove . So pleased w the quick removal of my deep red polish and only using 3 cotton balls to clean all 10 fingers. Usually takes nasty 100% acetone to get those results. Will definitely be ordering the 32oz to refill.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperLove this remover!

Until I started using this remover my polish would peel off my nails. Remove plus really preps the nail surface and promotes good adhesion. You have to do a bit of rubbing to get your nail products off but nails are nice and clean, ready for base and polish. Another great Art of Beauty product!
Location-in the country, TN
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverThe perfect remover

I recently purchased the Gallons Of Goodness promotion for Remove . I am in love with this remover. Smells terrific, makes polish removal a breeze & smells terrific! I give Remove an A !
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverThe best!!

This is the only polish remover that doesn`t dry out my nails. It removes every trace of polish without stripping all the moisture out of my nails.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverBest remover ever!

I love this stuff! It`s a great remover, doesn`t dry out my cuticles and it doesn`t smell horrible like some removers do. In fact, I rather enjoy the smell. I think I`ll go order a gallon ;-)
Salon Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverLove This Product!

I am a licensed nail tech and love this polish remover. It smells great, removes polish quickly & it works wonders with removing the new gel-hybrid polishes that last for 14 days! This is the only remover I use!
Location-New Orleans
Consumer Review

Nail Polish Remover by ZoyaThe best

I used to believe all nail polish removers were pretty much the same. Once I tried Zoya`s Remove Plus, I quickly changed my tune. This is the ONLY polish remover I use. It leaves my nails clean, doesn`t require 10 cotton balls, and actually has a pleasant smell (all things considered.) I`m a bargain-shopper & I watch my pennies, but this is one product I won`t skimp on - definitely worth the price. I recommend purchasing the BIG 32 oz. bottle - great value.
Location-Bronx, NY
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big Flipperholy grail!

I am a nail polish feen & always hate the process of removing the nail color due to the polish remover. either it over dried my nails or it took more than 5 cotton balls per hand to remove. Zoya got this right!! with one cotton ball I removed the nail polish in one hand & I had on 4 total layers of nail polish!!!! the smell is pretty good, old lady-ish, I am definitely hooked to this. I want to paint my nails more often just to use Zoya Remove ;)
Consumer Review

Nail Polish Remover by ZoyaNon-drying but reeks!

I love how remove doesn`t dry out my fingertips and make them all white and chalky like acetone does.
But this stuff stinks. It gives me a serious headache, especially when removing something hard to get off, like glitter, that takes a long time.
Despite the noxious odor, I still use it because it is so much better for my skin. I change nail polish almost daily so it`s worth it to me to put up with the odor.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverBest Remover I`ve ever used!

Remove plus is pretty amazing. It easily removes the many layers of polish from my nails. Usually I have to use several cotton balls, but I can get all 10 fingers with just one cotton ball and Remove . I also love that it preps my nails for my next round of polish.
Location-Monroe NC
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverBest nail polish removal

This is the best it does not leave my nail dry looking. It takes off the polish quickly and doesn`t make a mess by smearing the polish like some of the others.
Location-Savage, MN
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverAmazing!!!

Amazing! amazing!!! Cuts through multiple coats of polish and nail doesn`t feel or look horrible after removal.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperBest remover ever!

This nail polish remover is awesome! It even removes stubborn itty-bitty glitter with no problem, it doesn`t have any harsh smell, and best of all, it doesn`t leave a yucky, bitter taste on my fingers that is always impossible to remove!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperLove this Stuff!!

It is really great stuff. It takes polish off fast and with very little work. I can take polish off toes and nails with one cotton ball. Plus, it helps polish stay on longer. Another plus is it doesn`t have a bad smell. Will never use anything else.
Painting Rainbows
Location-Virginia Beach, Virginia
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperZoya Remove

Just got my first bottle and love it! It takes the polish off faster than regular remover, smells good (unless you sniff from the bottle...don`t do that lol), is super cute and purple, has the awesome flip top with a pump so it doesn`t spill easily, etc, etc. It`s great!
The only cons are that it isn`t as big a bottle as I expected. And when I close the flip top quickly if there is a little product on the top still it splashes (only a super tiny bit, like mist)
Amber P.
Location-Franklin, TN
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperWhere has Zoya been all my life?!

Seriously? With this stuff, it took TWO cotton balls for 10 fingers and 10 toes... and the toes had glitter! AMAZING! And smells WONDERFUL! Left my fingers feeling soft and loved on... I am a fan for life! I`ll never use another remover. Thanks, Zoya!
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Removerworth it

It may seem expensive, but it`s worth it for an effective remover that doesn`t dry out your cuticles. I will never be without a 32 oz. refill bottle again!
Location-Jackson Missouri
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperNo spill!

Best nail polish remover ever. Does not dry out nails. Also spill proof bottle keeps remover from evaporating so fast. It last longer & doesn`t take much to remove polish.
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperRemoves polish easily!

I use a minimum of 4 coats of polish with the base, color, and top coats for my pedicures. Regular drug store polish remover takes forever, it gets sticky and messy with cotton balls or pads, and leaves little cotton fibers everywhere. This polish remover dissolves polish so much more quickly, with less product, and a nice spa type smell. I don`t mind spending the money for the great job that it does!
Location-Los Angeles, Ca
Consumer Review

Nail Polish Remover by ZoyaAmazing!

When I first saw the price I was a little reluctant, but gave it a shot anyways and I`m so glad I did! Remove is the best polish remover I`ve ever used and smells awesome. I use the whole color lock system and my manicures last forever and rarely chip! Now I buy in bulk!
Location-Woodstock, CT
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverLove it!

You may be looking at the price and be thinking to yourself that is way too much for nail polish remover! But trust me a little of this goes a long way and it`s amazing. It takes the polish off really fast, the dispenser makes everything really easy ( no spills) and it doesnt smell as stinky as normal polish remover.
Salon Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperMy Purple Freind

Bought my first bottle 2 years ago only to realize that my daughters started using. Then my bottles started to disappear because they started taking my bottles every time they were home from school. Later I learned that my mother was borrowing my bottle every time she would come over. Now I keep my bottle hidden and buy Remove plus as gifts.
Location-Cleveland Heights
Consumer Review

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 8oz in Big FlipperLove Love Love This Remover

I never thought I could feel emotionally attached to a polish remover but holy crap this stuff is great...I think I'm in love.
So, it removes the polish super fast no weird residue and best of all no funky smell even glitter comes off without endless scrubbing. Usually when a remover is this effective my cuticles end up white and dried out but not with this. It even made my cuticles feel soft I have no idea how they did it but big big kudoos.
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